Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

-World Health Organization (WHO)

The UP Project is a global campaign led by young changemakers who have united in order to promote youth-led solutions and approaches for improving the wellbeing and mental health of young people. Adolescents and young adults are at a greater risk for mental health conditions: discrimination, social integration struggles, impoverishment, etc. Further, lack of knowledge and stigma also impacts risk and persistence of mental health conditions for youth all around the world.

Our initiative aims at connecting young people to help them, firstly, get to know more about mental health. Secondly, we aim to share and foster grassroots ways for youth to navigate challenges to well-being and mental health. This way, we hope to give visibility to young changemakers globally who have insights and approaches for overcoming challenges to well-being and mental health. Finally, we hope this effort can inspire other young people from around the globe by sharing their inspiring stories and youth-led approaches to these matters.

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